• When walk through goes wrong…

        We’ve all seen the happy pictures of closing…the road to settlement isn’t without its twists and turns though. At AGC we navigate the myriad of details (and obstacles) to bring our clients to a successful home purchase or sale.

        Take this morning’s walkthrough:

        NOT what you want to see the day you are moving into your new Cascades home.

        Water was literally pouring out of the humidifier/furnace when we walked into the utility room. Immediately shutting off the breaker so as not to make a bad situation worse, we got on the phone.

        Quick thinking and collaboration between title companies, buyers, sellers, brokers, lender, and agents led to no delay in settlement and moving plans to remain in place.

        It’s not as simple as the buyer and seller coming to terms – anytime money is involved there are disclosures, mortgage terms, federal regulations, and more to work through in order to get a satisifactory and legal solution for all parties involved.

        For instance, a credit to buyer is not possible without loan approval, and the possibility of redisclosure (meaning a 3 day wait).

        But the movers are coming! The buyers are also sellers and their buyers are ready to go. The domino trail is long…

        We got creative. Used enough leverage with the sellers and their agent to cover worst case scenario, and moved forward.

        A few hours later:

        The road from “coming soon” to “sold” is riddled with challenges. At AGC we educate, inform, explain, prepare, and navigate – always with our client’s best interests in mind.

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