• What's the difference between a GOOD Realtor and GREAT one?

        What’s the difference between a GOOD Realtor and GREAT one?
        Don’t they all have to pass the same licensing test? Well, yes, but that doesn’t mean they all play in the same ball field. And this Spring market is no different. 
        Hiring a GOOD Realtor will: 
        1. Tell you what you want to hear and agree with you on price and ask you to sign the contract promising the world. 
        2. Install a pretty sign in the yard and maybe a few basic flyers too. 
        3. Snap some pictures of your house.
        4. Tell you of appointments, but will neglect to share their professional opinion or concerns until others point them out. 
        5. Ride the market and get a contract, but barely negotiate but rather present the deal as facts rather than as a malleable contract. 
        Hiring a GREAT Realtor will:

        1. Educate you on the current market, walk you through your options, and be up front about concerns. 
        2. Help guide you through the process step by step and alleviate the stress with the sale of a home. 
        3. Save you money before getting your house on the market  y providing a staging professional to suggest opportunities where you can get the biggest bang for your buck and then bringing in a professional photographer and market your house to the MAX — all on the Realtor’s dime before you pay them a cent.
        4. Attract multiple qualified buyers.
        5. Be an aggressive negotiator so your interests are protected and the maximum amount of money stays in your pocket!

        So what does all this mean? A good realtor can still get the job done but it may impact the quality experience, your sanity, and ultimately, the money in your pocket. While great Realtors are TRUE experts in their field, love the industry, and spend every waking moment honing their skills. 

        If you’re on the fence about selling, do yourself the favor and do your research. Hire a GREAT agent like the ones at Ask Gina & Company with over 16 years of experience. You can expect us to be brutally honest, bring in the top of the line stager and photographer (on our dime), and market your property so heavily you will see it pop up in almost every crevice of the online universe. And most of all, get the job done for the best price!
        Still not convinced? Just check out our numerous testimonials that back our promise and commitment to you. Stop waiting for the right time to sell – the moment is here! Give us a call at 703-574-3478 to unlock the possibilities in Northern Virginia real estate.