• What’s the #1 County in the US for Job Growth?

        What’s the #1 County in the US for Job Growth?
        CNN Money reported that in the last decade, Loudoun CountyVirginia, has had more job growth than any other county in the US! The county is home to over 9,500 employers have contributed to a growth rate of 83% with many jobs in the technology field such as AOLVerizonRaytheon, and a few others. In Ashburnalone, the data technology industry has seen an amazing growth of 181% since 2000, making it appropriate for the town to be named “Data Center Alley.”
        Among the 137,000 professionals employed in the county, Loudoun holds the highest median income per household at $119,540. And being just 30 miles from Washington, DC, more than900 federal government contractors are based out of the county. Loudoun is thriving with entrepreneurs, too! Over 75% of businesses in the county employ less than 20 people.
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