• What’s on YOUR Bridal Registry? How About a HOME?!

        What’s on YOUR Bridal Registry? How About a HOME?!
        Sure, it’s fun to go to Williams-Sonoma and register for Riedel wine glasses and that beautiful All-Clad cookware, but you know what is more fun? Registering for a place to actually PUT them! That’s right, instead of asking for yet another picture frame, you can have an FHA Bridal Registry that helps you with the down payment of a new home!

        It works like this:

        *The couple must sign up/register for an interest bearing savings account with a lender supervised by a state of federal agency

        *The couple informs their friends and family of the registry and they in turn make gift payments into the account (No interested parties of the transaction, such as real estate agents, may make a donation)

        *The accumulated money is then used towards the 3.5% down payment needed for an FHA loan.

        It’s that simple!

        For more information, call your preferred lender or contact the Loudoun County Real Estate experts at Ask Gina & Company today and let us unlock the possibilities!