• What To Bring to Settlement

        What To Bring to Settlement

        The big day is quickly approaching and you are full of excitement and maybe a little anxiety. But, being prepared for settlement of the home you are selling or buying can help ease those fears and make the process a little easier.

        The following are some of the items you will want to bring to settlement:

        Yourself! – As a seller, all parties who are on the title of the home must be present at settlement just as all buyers who will be taking title of the home must be in attendance. The exception is if a power of attorney is in place.

        Power of Attorney – if the closing is being executed via power of attorney, make sure to bring all original documents.

        Identification – Everyone who will be signing must bring 2 forms of identification which can include a drivers license, passport, social security card, etc.

        Good Faith Estimate – Buyers who are obtaining a mortgage should bring a copy of the Good Faith Estimate their lender should have supplied them.

        Certified Check – Only certified checks, money orders, and cashiers checks are typically accepted at closing. If funds are being wired, be sure it has been completed PRIOR to settlement. Remember, no personal checks!

        Voided Check – If you will have any funds being deposited into a bank account, be sure to bring a voided check in order to route the funds correctly.

        All Bills to be Paid – For any bills that will be paid via settlement, the seller must bring all related statements.

        In addition to the above items, it is important to remember to notify the settlement company if funds are being assigned to another person and to find out in advance if any other documents will be needed for a smooth settlement.

        If you do all of these things, a successful settlement will be on the horizon!

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