• What is the "Key Contest" & how do I get a FREE cup of coffee?

        What is the “Key Contest” & how do I get a FREE cup of coffee?

        Perhaps you’ve seen the key in a brochure, on television or on Facebook and wondered “Why is there a giant rusted looking skeleton key in the middle of that kitchen??”.  
        Well, here’s why… for every new listing with Ask Gina & Company we post the home pictures on our Facebook page.  In combination with our trusted photographer, Glenda Cherry (who takes the BEST photos of our listings), we’ve come up with a fun contest to keep our faithful AGC followers a-liking.  The gist of it is, if you can find the key in one of the images and are the FIRST to comment on that picture with the correct answer, we will send you a $5 Starbucks gift card.  It’s that easy!  
        We ask that you please only comment on ONE picture per album to give others a chance. There are multiple chances to win with each set of home images, so make sure you sharpen your “I SPY” skills!

        Let’s test your ability… Can you find the key in these 3 pictures below? Now don’t cheat… but the answers are listed the bottom of the post.
        Here’s what you are looking for: 


        MVP STATUS!!!

        Did you find them all? 
        ***SPOILER ALERT!!!**
        Novice – middle of picture, on the kitchen cabinet
        Intermediate – on the light fixture
        Expert – middle of picture, on the sofa arm
        MVP – follow the chairs up, hanging on the hutch door
        Want to join in on the fun?
        Follow us on Facebook and watch for a photo album of our next listing!

        Thanks a latte!