• What is on Your Must Have List For Your Loudoun County Dream Home?

        Is a Beauty and the Beast-esque Library too Much to Ask For?
                        Does 2014 have more in store for you than wasted gym memberships and un-remedied bad habits? If you have big plans for 2014, like purchasing or selling a home in Loudoun County, Ask Gina & Companyhas your back. As the Social Media Maven for AGC I am often the fly on the wall enjoying one of my favorite pastimes- eavesdropping. Besides the coffee and shoe addictions that are prevalent in our office, I have learned that your AGC agent wants to find you the perfect Sterling, Virginia home, they really and truly do, and it helps immensely if you inform them of what perfect looks like to you.
                        Personally, I have tried to disregard the unrealistic standards that Disney has me striving after (sigh, Smart House and Beauty and the Beast) and compiled a list of all of the things that my future home absolutely has to have. The first MUST is easy; because I love to bake, my kitchen will have to have ample counter space (granite counter tops would be nice but are not a deal breaker). After that it is all about the space… the NOVA home that I purchase should have three bedrooms, enough space for a family to grow into, and at least two full baths.
                        I have also made a list of items that would be icing on the cake which includes a finished basement. A basement in general is necessary but time and money could be put into finishing the basement down the road. Hardwood floors throughout the main level would also be nice.  
                        What are some of the “must haves” on your list? Our Seller’s Agents are ready to get your Sterling property on the market so that you can find a home that meets all of your needs so call our Ashburn AGC office at (703)574-3478 today! Share your “must have” list with an Ask Gina Buyer’s Agent who will be happy to help you unlock the possibilities!