• What First Time Home Buyers Need to Know

        What First Time Home Buyers Need to Know
           Congratulations!  You’ve made, for the first time, the decision to buy a home in Northern Virginia.  Ask Gina & Company understands all that went into this moment and we are here to make the transition into homeownership a smooth one.  Jennifer Warner, senior agent at Ask Gina & Company with Keller Williams Loudoun Gateway, reveals her list of the top three things that all first time home buyers should know.
            First, all potential home buyers should know what purchase amount they qualify for.  Before falling in love with a gorgeous home that your lender later tells you is out of your budget, find out how much of a loan you both qualify for and are comfortable with. Equally important, you do not want to settle for a home that does not include all of your desired amenities when you could potentially have found out that you could have qualified for more.
          After consulting with a lender, you should understand the procedures and expenses involved in buying a home.  From credit reports and appraisal fees to radon and termite inspections, home buyers should be aware of likely up front expenses that accompany a contract to purchase a home all the way through anticipated final closing costs.  Education is the most useful tool in your arsenal so work with your trusted agent!  The more you know, the better the questions you can ask and the more confident you will be in moving forward with the assurance that your REALTOR truly is your partner in the process, understanding and working to help you reach your real estate needs and goals.
         Lastly, but equally important, you should know that buyers do not pay the Buyer’s Agent.  The seller or builder pays the Buyer’s Agent’s fees, which is worked into the seller’s contract before you even bring an offer to the table. If a buyer opts out of utilizing a Buyer’s Agent, the money that would have paid the agent simply goes back to the seller or builder, and does not save the buyer any money. In fact, those who purchase a home without the assistance of a Buyer’s Agent often lose money because they are taking part in a transaction void of a knowledgeable agent to steer them away from unsavory or unnecessary spending.
        Ask Gina & Company is ready and happy to answer any additional home buying (and selling) questions that you may have. Visit us at https://www.ask-gina.com or call the AGC team at (703)574-3479 today so that we can help ease you into a new Loudoun County home.
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