• Western LoCo Safety Meeting

        Are you thinking about moving to western Loudoun County? Already live in Western Loudoun and simply like to be in the know? Ask Gina & Company, your friendly neighborhood Realtors, have your back!
        On Thursday, September 26th  at 7:00 PM the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office will be holding a public
        safety meeting to discuss recent crime and crime trends, traffic safety, and other public safety related 
        School is back in session and while we are at work, our kids are attending classes, practicing athletics, 
        and participating in incalculable shenanigans that we will never be completely aware of. While advice 
        such as, “don’t take candy from strangers,” has become cliché, it is expected of parents and guardians 
        to “beat a dead horse,” “be a broken record,” and other less worn out verbal phrases in regards to our 
        children’s safety.  What safety issues, regarding your children or otherwise, do you think about the 
        most? Although we do not want to dwell on our worries, problems and concerns cannot be addressed if 
        they are not verbalized. 
        Every city and suburb has room for improvement, but we would be unable to take such pride in working 
        at Ask Gina & Company in Loudoun County if we did not feel safe and have faith that our fellow Loudoun 
        dwellers felt secure in their homes and communities as well.  
        For more information on The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, visit: