• We're Number 1!!!

        We’re number one!
        It’s been a busy month here at AGC.
        We’re number 1!!! According to a recent poll, conducted by The Loudoun Local Team, residents of Loudoun County voted Gina Tufano as the “Best Real Estate Agent” in Loudoun County! We don’t mean to gloat, we are just proud of our accomplishment and want to share our skills and excitement with our community. Thank you to anyone and everyone who participated in the voting process.
        We also had the privilege of participating in the 2013 Dulles Plane Pull. Not only did the Ask Gina & Company  Superheroes drag the 164,000+ pound Airbus twelve feet in 10.438 seconds, we brought home TWO trophies! One for raising money for Virginia Special Olympics  AND one for  the most enthusiastic!
        And no, your eyes are not deceiving you; Miss Virginia USA and Miss Loundoun County were on our plane pulling team, along with quite a few other caped crusaders you might recognize!  
        But enough about us- comment below with your proudest achievement of the year so far. Don’t forget to “like” on Facebook and let us know how we can join you in becoming further involved in our community. If you’re a business, invite us to “like” you in return! And, of course, if you don’t live in Loudoun, we’d be happy to help change that.