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        Opportunities Available to Participate in County Government
        July 30, 2008

        • Advisory Commission on Youth: Sterling District representative; two community group representatives
        • Cable and Open Video Systems Commission: Blue Ridge & Sterling Districts
        • Commission on Women: Blue Ridge & Catoctin Districts
        • Community Criminal Justice Board: Potomac District
        • Community Services Board: Two at-large representatives
        • Courthouse Grounds and Facility Task Force: Two at-large representatives
        • Disability Services Board: Six at-large representatives
        • Equal Employment Opportunity Plan Committee: Four at-large representatives
        • Facilities Standards Manual Public Review Committee: One at-large representative
        • Library Board of Trustees: Catoctin District
        • Loudoun Health Council: Representative of the general public; representative of a health-related non-profit agency
        • Parks, Recreation and Open Space Board: Potomac District
        • Transportation Safety Commission: Broad Run & Catoctin Districts
        • Water Resources Technical Committee: Three at-large representatives
        • Woods Road Special Exception Review Committee: Three at-large representatives

        For information about specific vacancies, contact Rosey Rai, County Administration, 703-771-5034, or by e-mail at Rosey.Rai@loudoun.gov. Information about each board, committee and commission is available on the Loudoun County Government Website at www.loudoun.gov/advisory.

        Article taken from http://www.loudoun.gov/Default.aspx?tabid=490