• Walk, Run, and Fight for a Cure!

        CEO and head super hero of Ask Gina & Company, Gina Tufano, has no kryptonite, even after being diagnosed with Multiple Scleroses in 2004. Gina continues to kick butt every day, making people’s dreams come true in the form of buying and selling Sterling, Virginia real estate.


        AGC’s friend Kristine, whose mother is a fighter, explains, “We all have our causes…we all have our reasons…THIS IS MINE and it means everything to me. My mom is fighting and right now, she is winning. Yes, she’s tired and MS takes its toll on her in different ways each day but otherwise, you would never know she is giving this fight all she has. She loves to say, as many people with MS do, ‘I may have MS but MS doesn’t have me!’”


        Kristine is currently campaigning to raise funds toward finding a cure for MS and will be participating in the National MS Society’s 50 mile walk this fall. To join AGC and make a donation to Kristine’s team, thereby supporting cutting-edge research, programs, and services for everyone impacted by MS, you can click HERE. To find a race near you, check out the National MS Society’s website.


        If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Northern Virginia and need some rescuing, please call our Ashburn office at (703)574-3478 today and our super heroes will help you unlock the possibilities. To find out what other causes we support, to learn more about Loudoun County neighborhoods, and to check out our current listings, visit our website at www.ask-gina.com.