• Tuesday We Voted, Today We Donate. And we could really use YOUR help!

        Tuesday We Voted, Today We Donate. And we could really use YOUR help!

        We are personally writing to you to ask for your help. Today we heard from many of our fellow KW agents in New Jersey, and what we heard was horrifying. Even though Sandy has passed, many people are still living in the dark, cold and are going hungry. The total devastation of several agents homes has many fending for the basic necessities of life. So many are without food, water or other needed supplies. Our hearts broke when we heard that babies did not have diapers, formula or baby food. And with the Nor’easter headed that way today, the conditions are only expected to get worse.

        Many of these people are a part of our own Keller Williams Family and they need our help immediately!!! 

        The Ask Gina Team has pledged to jump on board and told our fellow KW family not to worry, Ask Gina & Company along with the Keller Williams in Ashburn,Virginia will be there! We’re all pitching in here to help the KW Families in the New Jersey area and we could use your help. We ask that you make this a priority and donate ANYTHING if you are in a position to do so!

        Here’s a picture of what we raised in just the last 12 hours:

        Let’s keep the momentum going!

        Here’s what we’re looking for:
        • Non-perishable food & snacks
        • Water
        • Baby formula & bottles
        • Baby and hand wipes
        • Diapers
        • Flashlights with extra batteries
        • Hand sanitizer in small packages 
        • Blankets
        • Gloves
        • Hats
        • Portable gas cans
        • Dog food
        • Paper goods
        • Generic cleaning supplies – brooms, mops, lysol wipes
        Please drop off at the Ask Gina & Company office before 3pm today, Thursday, Nov. 8th, located at:

        20130 Lakeview Center Plaza #110
        Ashburn, VA 20147

        Yes, it’s short notice, but we need to get these supplies to these people now. They can not wait any longer. On Friday a few KW members will be personally delivering the ne
        eded supplies to this area as soon as it is safe to travel after the Nor’easter has passed. 

        Thank you all for your support!