• Total Class Act HAPPYGRAM

        We just got a killer review from Mike and Karen, who we had the privilege of working with recently. It makes our day to know that we’ve made their day. Here are the highlights:

        “We can say with great conviction that Gina is a TOTAL CLASS ACT!! Our dear friends referred us to Gina and we feel we are indebted to those friends for life! Three years ago we left VA and began our retirement travels leaving our home in the more than capable hands of Gina and her staff! … If you’re looking for someone who’s on top of EVERYTHING, AT ALL TIMES then Gina is your woman! Gina is attentive, willing to address and much more than capable of addressing any and all questions or concerns you may have almost 24/7!!”

        When you’re looking to sell your house, you need someone who will prioritize you from start to finish. I love what Mike and Karen had to say about Gina’s commitment to their experience:

        “I think Gina works 24/7! Despite our being states away we never felt the distance, not once! Gina and her staff are honest, fair, hardworking, and committed to giving their clients their very best at all times! Our home never sat empty between tenants as Gina worked hard and masterfully to ensure and secure tenants for us. When it came time to put it on the market Gina secured the best photographers & videographers to showcase our beautiful home resulting in our first offer (of several) being signed and delivered less than 18 hours after our home hit the market! WOW!”

        We appreciate the review, Mike and Karen!!! You are worth all the hard work 🙂


        AGC Team

        (703) 574-3478