• Top Tips for Keeping your NOVA Home in Tip Top Shape this Spring

        Spring Maintenance Tips
        Ask Gina & Company knows that you are ready for sunshine and warm weather but is your Sterling, VA home ready? Here are a few ways to keep your Rivercrest home in tip top shape as we transition into our NOVA spring:
        1.       Inspect your roof- use binoculars to inspect your roof from the ground and if you spot anything troublesome, call a professional! AGC has several recommended contractors that we are happy to refer you to.

        2.       Dust off & repair your windows’ screens
        3.       Remove leaves and debris from your gutters- don’t let excess water wreak havoc on your home; clean out those gutters so that they can do their job!
        4.       Lint can be sneaky and bypass the lint trap; cleaning your vent can save you money and prevent a house fire!

        5.       Check outside faucets for freeze damage and replace if necessary

        6.       Re-caulk doors and windows before you start blasting the AC this summer.
        7.       Your deck should be cleaned and sealed every year and don’t forget to regularly check for signs of rot to ensure structural integrity!
        Follow these spring maintenance suggestions so that when you’re ready for Ask Gina & Company to sell your Loudoun home, it is in tip top shape! Call our NOVA office at (703)574-3478 to be referred to our recommended contractors and to ask your Sterling real estate questions.