• Together We Can Ice Out Hunger!

        Together We Can Ice Out Hunger!

        Ask Gina & Company and Keller Williams Realty is proud to announce the first annual Ice Out Hunger charity event to be held September 17th from 4:30PM-6:00PM at the Ashburn Ice House! The event, sponsored by Champion Title, will directly benefit our local community with funds raised going to the Loudoun Interfaith Relief, a food bank with a mission to feed the hungry in Loudoun County.

        In addition, a portion of the proceeds will benefit one of our younger Loudoun County neighbors, Mitchell Sylvain. Nine year old Mitchell suffers from Periventricular Leukomalacia and Lennox-Gestault Syndrome, conditions similar to Cerebal Palsy with seizures. Our goal is to help make his home more handicap accessible, making the daily functions we take for granted a little easier for him and his family.

        Tickets for the event are $10 for a group of 4 skaters and includes skate rentals and one raffle ticket. Individual skaters are $3 and also include the skate rental and one raffle tickets. Want to increase your chances of winning a great raffle prize such as skating lessons, a gift certificate to a local restaurant, or a 3 hour consultation with Organizing Maniacs? No worries! Additional tickets will be given for each non-perishable food item you bring, or you can purchase additional tickets at the event!

        To purchase your tickets in advance, please call Ask Gina & Company at 703-574-3478 or email info@ask-gina.com  with Ice Out Hunger in the subject line.

        So mark your calendars and get ready for a great day of skating, family fun, and generosity! Together we can Ice Out Hunger in Loudoun County!