• What Title Insurance Can Do For You

        Ask Gina About Title Insurance
        Part 2

        Part two of our “What the Heck is Title Insurance Anyway?” blog covers several other items that you do not need to worry about once you have obtained a policy for your new home. As a reminder, this is a one-time purchase that covers you FOREVER. Not many things in the world today last that long….
        • Undiscovered Encumbrances- At the time of purchase, you may not know that a third party holds a claim to all or part of your property- due to a former mortgage or lien, or non-financial claims like restrictions or covenants limiting the use of your property.
        • Unknown Easements- Unknown easements may prohibit you from using your property as you’d like, or could allow third parties to access all or portions of your property.
        • Boundary/ Survey Disputes- Surveys that contradict what you have seen may exist and a neighbor or other party may be able to claim ownership to part of your property.
        • Undiscovered Will- When a property owners dies with no apparent will or heir, the state may sell their assets, including their home. When you purchase such a home, you assume your rights as owner. However, the deceased owner’s will may come to light years later and jeopardize your rights to the property.
        • False Impersonation of Previous Owner- If you purchase a home that was once sold by a false owner, you can risk losing your legal claim to the property.


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        Information courtesy of Champion Title.