• What's a title company? homebuying 101

        When buying your new Northern Virginia home sweet home – the closing tends to occur at a “title company” or “settlement company”.  For those coming from out of the commonwealth where an attorney or mail away purchase may be more typical – this can be a bit confusing.  Our friends at Vesta Settlements, a Loudoun real estate title company, have this handy dandy info sheet that will help answer all of your questions.

        A snippet of what’s on the 411:

        “What does a title company actually do? – The title company plays two roles. A title company is an insurance agent, selling title insurance to protect purchasers against claims that can be made against the title (ownership) to the property…..A title company is also your closing or settlement agent….managing the closing process as well as conducting the closing itself.”

        There is a ton more useful info in here.

        At Ask Gina & Company we strive to provide you with the best when it comes to your biggest life purchase. Did you know that 1 in 5 title searches reveal a problem? If one were to pop up on your new Ashburn home, the right team of professionals could make all the difference. Call or text us today for more information or access to our network of top notch providers. 703-574-3478


        home buyer title insurace
        The title company can bring you home!


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