• The Local Economy Makes Loudoun The Richest County in America

        Ask Gina About the Richest Counties in America
                        Ask Gina & Company, with Keller Williams Loudoun Gateway, works hard to please our Northern Virginia buyers and sellers. The rest of Loudoun County must be hard works as well; evident through the county’s #1 ranking on Forbes’ list of America’s Richest CountiesForbesillustrates valid reasons why Loudoun is the place to be, stating, “[t]he population is roughly double that of 2000, and for good reason: business contracting work and plentiful jobs in the public school system and at local offices of agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security yield a median household income of $119,525, the highest of any county in the U.S.”

                        Washington D.C. suburbs account for six of the top ten wealthiest counties, Loudoun and Falls Church City being one and two, and the small town charm issuing from Loudoun is icing on the cake. To view the entire list of the 10 richest counties, click hereand call Ask Gina & Company at (703)574-3478 with your NOVA real estate questions.