• The Kids are Ready For Back to School– Are You?

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        The days once filled with sunshine, lemonade, the beach, and relaxation by the pool are replaced by last minute school supply shopping trips, meet-the-teacher nights, and chauffeuring the kids to extracurriculars. Not quite sure how to handle the rush and bustle of the approaching school year? The first step is to clear your mind and your home.  It’s true what people say about “a clean home is a happy home “– de-cluttering your every day space is one of the best ways to keep peace of mind, feel more organized and in control, and relieve stress. As you and the kids gear up for this school year, here are some tips to simultaneously serve your kid’s needs and save your sanity as you get adjusted to the faster pace of the back-to-school season!


        Zap the Clutter. Take the time to sort through the old papers, projects, forms and whatever other documents from the past school year. Separate the “grown-up papers” from the children school work and establish an area where all of the “Look what I did today Mom!” papers can go,  and recycle the things you do not need.  Can’t bear to throw away Johnny’s drawing of the family from second grade? Hang some of his prized pieces on the fridge or create an artwork-clothesline and clothes-pin his best pieces onto some string attached to a wall where everyone can see it.


        Location, Location Location. What’s true in the Real Estate world is also true for the study work space! Kids of all ages will need a place to do homework, and a regular location can get them into the school routine and into the study mode after school each night.  Try to aim for a place free of distractions– away from the computer, TV, video games, and other electronic devices.  Make sure the space comes with all the essentials– pencils, paper, erasers, a place to sit, and a desk or small table. If you’re allotting time for studying, make that time “quiet time” or reduced noise for better concentration. You too can sit down and either kick back with a cup of joe or catch up on much over-due paperwork.


        Tuck it Away! Get even more organized with bins, boxes or other containers to hold school supplies, office supplies, and even snacks. Kids can get in on the project creatively by helping to label said bins and even adding a few personal touches. Increase cleanliness and invest in simple filing systems– they can keep the paper overloads at bay.


        Get Back on Track with Every Snack. Make an effort to prep and pack lunches the night before.  Believe us– a few minutes spent are a few minutes saved in the mornings, especially when running late.  If you’re feeling it, get in on the paper-bag nostalgia and take the opportunity to pack your own lunch for work the next day as well, so that all you’ll need to do is grab and go.


        Lay Down the House Rules. From bed time to wake up time, to video game schedules and where to plop back pack and shoes, make sure you make clear your desired daily plan to ease stress and provide a reliable, comforting routine that is helpful for younger students.cat-house-rules

        Revamp and Revitalize the Most Important Room in the House. After school snack central and spot for all family meal preparation. It makes sense that the most commonly used room in the house be the center of all organization, right? Keep the containers/lunchboxes/water bottles for the kids in a designated place every day after they come home where they can be easily accessible.  Also make an effort to keep pots, pans, utensils and ingredients neatly stored for easy access for cooking on a busy school night.


        Looking to move in or sell right before school kicks in?  Don’t know quite how to combat the home selling/buying process in addition to back-to-school hecticness? Whether you’re going back to school at home or in a new area, Ask Gina & Company can help you get settled and organized, all in a professional, calm, efficient process that fits personally to your lifestyle! Just Ask Gina today! 703-574-3478

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