• Statewide recognition given for outstanding response from a domestic violence program in Loudoun

        The Loudoun Domestic Response Team (DART) is a program that works with local agencies and organizations to keep domestic violence victims and their families safe.

        The members of of the Loudoun DART who were presented with awards from William Mims, the Attorney General of Virginia are:

        • Susan Chasteen – Victim Witness Protection
        • Lori Kaplan – Community Corrections
        • April Higgs – Community Corrections
        • Wendy Pineda – Juvenile Court Services
        • Kyle Wallace – DART Coordinator
        • Jeannie Mullane – Community Corrections

        For more information about the DART program, contact DART Coordinator, Kaye Wallace at (703) 737-8234.

        To read the full article, go to www.loudoun.gov