• Shhhh…Do You Hear That?

        Shhhh…Do You Hear That?

        Living in Loudoun County has some great benefits and one of those is being so close to the Dulles International Airport! Need to travel for business? Want to hop on a plane at a moments notice and get a way from it all? No problem! The airport is just minutes away from many locations in Loudoun County including Leesburg, Ashburn, and Sterling.

        With that luxury of convenience comes a trade-off, some airport noise. In an effort to minimize the potential air traffic noise, Dulles International Airport implemented several initiatives to “keep the peace” for their local customers they value so dearly. Below are a couple examples:

        • “An airfield buffer was provided on airport property to ensure that close-in residential development did not occur.”

        • “Loudoun and Fairfax Counties worked closely with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority to provide additional land-use protection through effective planning and zoning.”

        • The Airport Authority has also installed “a new aircraft flight tracking and noise monitoring system” called Airscene. This measures aircraft and community noise, helping the Airport Authority better understand noise impacts in the community.”

        Residents with Internet access may utilize Airscene, which allows residents to:

        • View historical data. Noise from yesterday will be available via Airscene today

        • View historical flight tracks. *Due to safety reasons, this information has a 72 hour delay.

        • File noise complaints online. Simply register and let your concerns be known!

        • In addition, one may access noise measurement information which is updated every SECOND, including non-aircraft sources which can consist of lawn mowers, barking dogs, and even vehicle traffic.

        Ask Gina & Company encourages you to check out Airscene to ease any concerns you may have about airport noise from a specific location.

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