• Safety Tips for Winter Road Conditions

        Baby, it’s cold outside! And when it’s cold, it often means snow! Although we may love the beautiful white stuff, we must remember to respect the power it has over our road conditions! The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office offers the following tips to help you and your loved ones stay safe this winter season:

        • Make sure you maintain a winter driving kit in your car in case of an emergency. Your kit should contain: bags of sand or salt, snow shovel, snow brush/ice scraper, flares or emergency lights, first aid kit, snack bars/water, blanket, etc.

        • Keep your gas tank full. Once you reach the half way mark, fill up again.

        • Carry a cell phone. Remember to keep it charged!

        • If you must travel, make sure someone knows your route.

        • ALWAYS wear your seat belt. It saves lives and it is the law!

        • Clear all snow from your vehicle before attempting to drive. This includes your hood and roof!

        • Pay special attention to bridges as they freeze first and can be hazardous.

        • Do not pump your breaks. The best way to break it to “stomp and steer.”

        For additional tips to keep you safe and sound on the road, please click here: Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office

        Ask Gina & Company wishes you a wonderful, and SAFE, winter season!

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