• Remove your Smoke Detectors, Unbuckle Your Seat Belt

        Today Ask Gina & Company welcomes guest blogger and Richmond Realtor, Shannon Milligan, to give us some insight into an important topic – Radon.

        Remove your Smoke Detectors, Unbuckle Your Seat Belt

        Sounds crazy, right? You would never tell anyone to remove their smoke detectors or unbuckle their seat belt, would you? And neither would I. We take so many precautions to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and yet many are missing the mark on one very important thing – Radon Testing.

        Did you know that Radon is estimated to be the second leading cause of lung cancer? Did you know that Radon can be found in homes with basements,crawl spaces, and even homes on a slab? Radon can be found in every type of home, any age of home, and in any part of the country. It is a silent killer that goes undetected because a simple test was neglected.

        Radon sounds scary. But, it doesn’t have to be. Once you know you have it, you can take the steps to help correct it. With knowledge is power and with a simple little test, you can have peace of mind.

        For roughly the cost of a pair of UGG Boots or a good power drill, a Radon test can be performed. It is a very simple test and will not interrupt your busy day in the slightest. A Radon technician will place a small box in your basement (or other specified area) and it will remain there for several days. The Radon technician will come back to retrieve the box and will supply you with a print out of the readings.

        The EPA suggests any findings measuring over 4pCI/L be corrected with a radon reduction system, other wise known as mitigation.

        Installing a mitigation system is simple and can most likely be completed in just one day. Radon mitigation systems can range in costs, but here in Henrico County is will cost you roughly $1200-$1500 to install. This system typically includes a vent pipe and fan which pulls the radon out from under the house to the outside of the home.

        While there is no such thing as a safe level, lowering that level will reduce your risk. If you smoke and have radon, your chances of lung cancer are especially high.

        I encourage each and everyone of you to have your home tested if you have not done so. What will it hurt? If you find out you have high radon levels you can install a system for about the price of a flat screen TV and know your home is safe. If you don’t have high levels, you can have that peace of mind. But, if you do not test, you could be putting yourself and your loved ones in danger.

        I had my home tested (I reside in Henrico County, VA) and the result came back at 13pCI/L. HIGH. A neighbor had their home tested and their level came back at 17pCI/L. We both had our homes equipped with a mitigation system. Although we both tested positive for higher Radon levels, not all neighbors will as it varies from home to home.

        Have questions regarding Radon in the Northern Virginia Area? Contact your Northern Virginia Real Estate experts at Ask Gina & Company and they will be happy to address any concerns or questions you may have.

        For more information, please visit the EPA website.