• Who are you, really? Real world, real estate.

        After decades of real estate experience…(boy I sound old now!)…I have found there is a tendency to do what has been done before. After all –  if it’s not broke, don’t fix it – right? This is true, to some extent.

        The world is changing, and not just in real estate. Homes are easier to view online, whether via google earth or the agent’s photos. Information is everywhere. So what differentiates a property?  What makes an agent stand out?  Houses and Realtors are all the same, right? A colonial on a cul de sac near a bus stop being offered by a smiling agent on a wooden post in the yard with a shiny brochure…it works. Or does it?

        In today’s world, individualism is applauded. Homes with a WOW factor sell quicker and for more money.  People want to connect – with vendors, agents, neighborhoods.

        At AGC we have been listening. We know it is impossible to be all things to all people. Each neighborhood and home have their own unique features – they should be celebrated, not watered down.  If a condo is on the 3rd floor, come out and say it, don’t wait for the potential buyers to show up and be disappointed – instead find the person that LOVES the views from the top and appreciates the extra daily exercise. Win-win!

        We haven’t just made changes in our marketing, we have also streamlined our approach at the office.  Ever since the Post 7 article came out, most people know that we are health conscious. It’s no surprise that we have swapped out cookies for carrots at open houses, ditched our ever clever fortune cookies for more water and have ended the era of the free latte in the key game for a Robek’s juice instead. These minor changes show our commitment to not only the business but to our individual and communal health. We are practicing what we preach.

        So, the next time you stop by one of our Loudoun opens, grab an apple as you sign in. Your doctor will thank you.


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