• The real DEBATE – sell before or after the holidays?

        Sell in spring! Sell during the holidays!
        Sell in spring! Sell during the holidays!

        One of the most common questions I am asked as an agent is “When is the best time to sell my house?”

        The real answer is to sell your property when you need or want to.  Every market has it’s pros and cons. Every house will sell in any market when priced right for condition and location – with our without a wreath on the door. Statistically speaking….the last two months of the year in Loudoun have more cash buyers than the first two – interesting.  I would suspect this has something to do with annual financial reviews – for instance getting investments in during the tax year. November and December are months when the “DAYS ON MARKET” tend to be less – people who move during this time frame are more likely to be relocation or strategic purchases – serious buyers. January and February we see a much lower supply in properties on the market – homes that were taken off during the holiday season haven’t popped back on yet and the spring market is just starting to percolate – this translates into less competition for a seller.  The start of the year we also see more properties being placed under contract – the spring buyers come out before the houses are ready and begin their transaction now with settlement scheduled a month or two later.

        What does this mean for the average Ashburn buyer or seller?  The right time to buy, sell, or invest in

        real estate is when it is right for you. A professional real estate agent will be able to provide you with insight as to what your community statistics are and guide you to update, price and promote your biggest asset to get you your largest return – whether you have been naughty or nice 😉

        We’d be happy to meet with you to strategize what is best for you and your future. Please feel free to call us or fill out our online request for a free, no obligation consult to begin the process.


        Happy Holidays!