• Putting down roots….in Loudoun County and beyond….


        This week’s blog post was written by my dear friend and colleague, Gale Paige.  Gale is an amazing woman, whom I met through various networking functions in Loudoun County.  She brings energy and passion in all that she does – professionally and personally.  We are honored to have a few of her words here…..


        “I already have my wings. I want to start putting down my roots.” D. L. J.


        Gale Paige, guest Loudoun blogger for Ask Gina & Company talks about home...
        Gale Paige, guest Loudoun blogger for Ask Gina & Company talks about home…

        As a person who always wanted to travel, see the world and have many adventures this particular statement made me stop and think.

        Debbie is a new friend that told a quick bit about her past. She was placed in an orphanage and grew up never having a home. Her mum died when she was very young and her dad could not take care of himself and the children so they were placed in an orphanage.

        Debbie got married at a young age to a military man and traveled a great deal. She saw a good portion of the world. She also realized her husband was not nice and she needed to get out of that relationship. She did. A few years later she met a wonderful man whom she later married (they are still married). It was then that she knew she needed to settle in one place and build her roots.

        Her first step in planting her seeds was buying a home. You see she had never owned a home before. That was her dream. “I wanted to have a place of my very own. I wanted to give my girls a physical space that was theirs. I want to start putting down my roots. I wanted things with my name on them.”

        I had always thought of a house as the place I lived, slept, did laundry, cooked etc…I did not hold the appreciation for my house until my talk with Debbie. I understood the tax benefits of home ownership, I just did not see my home as the blessing that Debbie did.

        I grew up with my parents and grandparents living in the same town. My grandmother, who is 93, has lived at the same address for almost 50 years. There is a solid foundation there. I have always known I was welcomed, loved and wanted. I have never doubted that. I have, and had, my roots securely tied. I have wanted to constantly cut the strings that bound me to any one place.

        Last year I sold my home and almost everything in it. I was ready to fly. My children are raised and have moved into their own places. I travel for my work and I love it. My wings are finally open and I can fly. I now realize that is because of the solid roots my family has given to me.

        Are you ready to put down your roots? Maybe home ownership is the first step for you as well.

        **My next home will be a small cottage on a lake with land about thirty minutes away from a city with an airport. I still have not decided which city, state or Country but I know it will happen within five years.

        This blog post was written by Gale Paige. You can contact Gale by visiting her website at www.completeprofessionalconnections.com or by emailing her at gale@completeprofessionalconnections.com

        Gale Paige, President of Complete Professional Connections. Gale is referred to as the “Queen of Networking”. She has a unique ability to connect individuals and see a bigger picture. Gale is a business consultant for corporations and individuals. She has helped countless clients develop strategic marketing plans, create targeted business initiatives and write networking plans to help them achieve their professional business goals. Gale has worked in many industries and truly becomes an expert in your field. She is a sought after speaker on the subject of networking and building relationships. Some of her speaking engagements have included The Virginia Women’s Business Conference, Business Women of Loudoun, Empowering Women’s Conference at Radford University, American University, Johns Hopkins University and the National Veteran’s Small Business Conference.