• Protect Yourself with Tenants’ Renters Insurance

        So you have found the rental you have been looking for: a convenient location, spacious layout, and even a fabulous fireplace to keep you cozy all winter long. In all of the excitement of finding that perfect place, you may have forgotten one important must-have: renters insurance!

        The winter months are wonderful with all of the holiday traditions. But, it also brings about potential fire hazards that could destroy everything you have worked so hard for. With fireplaces, candles, and bedazzled trees, it is important to remember to protect yourself with a comprehensive, contents insurance plan in case of a disaster. You may say, “but I am very careful with candles and such,” but is your neighbor? Unless your lease specifically says it will cover your items in case of damage or destruction, it is imperative that you are covered with your own policy.

        According to a recent article from RisMedia, obtaining renters insurance can cost as little as $10 to $20 a month, but is priceless when you account for how much your computer, television, furniture, appliances, and etc. cost you in the first place.

        So take a few moments and make a list of all of your possessions and what they are worth. Then pick up the phone and make the smartest purchase you may ever make: renters insurance!
        For more information on renters insurance, please contact Dulles Insurance.

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