• How do you protect your real estate investment when cold weather strikes?

        Northern Virginia is about to experience a significant cold snap with temps in the single digits as winter weather is upon us! Now is the time to prepare your property to avoid any damage.

        Winterizing your home is more than turning the heat up – AGC has a checklist for you of 7 things to check before the big freeze. Here is the first one, click the link above for the full list.

        #1. Protect Plants, Trim Trees and Empty Sprinklers

        Even if your plants are hearty as they can be, it’s nice for them to have a fresh pile of mulch to hunker down in during the cold season. Apply two to four inches of an organic mulch over the roots and at the base of any plants that are still above ground, then pull it slightly away from the plants themselves so there’s a little moat in between. Herbaceous plants that die back and the pop up in the spring should be covered with just as much mulch to keep them from freezing.

        While you’re out there, trim any overhanging branches from your trees so that accumulating ice and strong winds won’t bring them down onto your house, car or garage. If you have a sprinkler system and haven’t emptied it yet, now is the time to disconnect the water and blow it out according to your system’s design.

        If winter weather has you down and you ready to pack up and move to somewhere closer to the equator, AGC can help! With record low inventory, prices are on the rise – call Gina Tufano and the AGC team today to get started.