• Preparing your home for Autumn

        Every year it happens: The sun begins to set a bit earlier, the winds start to blow a little cooler, and before you even know it, fall is here. It’s time for football, apple cider, pumpkin patches, and hay rides. Though it may not sound like the most enjoyable activity, it’s also a great time to prepare your home for the fall. The following tips will guide you on what needs to be done and will leave you with a lot less work come spring!

        Clean out your rain gutters. This is often a task that is neglected, but it is well worth your time; clogged rain gutters can lead to leaks in your roof, standing water that can crack your foundation, and a myriad of other, often expensive, problems. To clean your gutters simply use a high pressure hose and then use a trowel to wash away any remaining debris. Give your gutters one final spray and you are done!

        Gather your pots and planters. Many of us use flowers and plants to accent our home in the spring and summer. When fall arrives, it is important to get rid of any dirt or debris, thoroughly clean out your pots and planters, and store them in a safe, dry place. By doing this you will save money in the spring by reusing the items you already have.

        Get out the rake. Leaves can strangle your lawn so it is important to rake them up and dispose of them. Rebuilding a lawn is costly and time consuming so take this preventative measure and get raking!

        Weed and feed your lawn. Spraying weed killer in the fall is great because the weeds will store the poison in their roots and help prevent them from sprouting in the spring. Fertilize your lawn during this time and you will see root growth and a greener, healthier grass come spring.

        Take care of your tools. Once you are done with your rake, shovel, and hoe, it is important to clean them well and store them properly so they stay in tip top condition. Garden tools are an investment and you want them to last many years to come!

        Follow these steps and then relax! When spring comes you will be 5 steps ahead of the game!
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