• Potomac Falls Weather for the Week of 4/15-4/21

        Potomac Falls Weather for the Week of 4/15-4/21

        In Potomac Falls, the big question lately has been, “What is going on with this weather?” Will spring finally show itself or was that Groundhog right about 6 more weeks of winter?  This week, prepare to feel the warm spring days with cooler nights.

        Sunday, April 15th:High of 85 degrees and a low of 61 degrees with a 30% chance of AM showers that should taper off in the afternoon. Sounds like it will be good day to get outside and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

        Monday, April 16th: A mostly sunny day with high of 88 degrees and a low of 61 degrees. Needless to say, the A/C will need to be on and the windows will need to be rolled down! The pollen count will also reach “Very High” levels today.

        Tuesday, April 17th: Partly cloudy with a high of 75 degrees (a nice change from Monday!) and a low of 52 degrees.

        Wednesday, April 18th: A possibility of a few showers with a high of 65 degrees and a low of 49 degrees. The coldest day of the week; definitely remember a jacket before leaving for work in the morning.

        Thursday, April 19th:Partly cloudy with a high of 72 degrees and a low of 52 degrees; a nice and cool day to get through before Friday!

        Friday, April 20th: A lovely partly cloudy day (because even a few clouds cannot interfere with Friday) with a high of 77 degrees and a low of 56 degrees. Reward yourself for working hard all week with an early evening stroll around the neighborhood. 

        Saturday, April 21th: Unfortunately, there will be a little bit of rain on our weekend parade. Scattered thunderstorms are predicted throughout the day, leveling out to showers by the evening with a high of 71 degrees and a low of 48 degrees. Be sure to stop by Dominion High School’s Health Fair from 11am-1pm!

        *The tree pollen count has been at the “High” level this past week and will continue to be high throughout the next week. Make sure if you’re taking that allergy medication! 

        Check out weather.com (zip code 20165) for a more detailed description of this week’s weather.

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        Alexa Rogers, contributor , Dominion High School