• Pet Peeves and Puny Pricing in Northern Virginia Real Estate Market

                        Whether it’s complete disregard for the use of adverbs, unnecessary negativity, or terrible drivers, we all have our annoyances. Having worked in the guest service industry for several years, I become irritated when I am not treated with the same care and respect that I vigilantly implement. While recently frequenting a local Loudoun County pizza joint, an employee brought out our large cheese and pepperoni and upon noticing our lack of plates and utensil commented, “Oh [so and so] was supposed to bring that stuff out for you…”. Whether you serve pizza, stock shelves, or sell houses, pride and ownership should be evident in everything you do.
                      More specific to the realm of real estate, your local KW agents at Ask Gina & Company  

        disapprove when realtors price a house low for a quick sale. It is wonderful when a house sells promptly based on its merits but we want the sellers to receive the best price and terms in return. How do you know that we care about your Ashburn property and are not giant hypocrites? Every single cog in the AGC machine meticulously executes their specific tasks, lending to every sale we make.  We strive for A+ service in every vendor we utilize and we market significantly more thoroughly than our competition. Although it is possible to simply input listings into MLS (Multiple Listing Service), our team markets each listing on five supplementary sites in addition to advertising them on local blogs, bulletin boards and the big boys: Realtor.com, Trulia, and Zillow. Even the paper that we use for brochures and flyers is the highest quality available and our stager and photographer are full time professionals at their craft. Not only do we inquire into everything there is to know about your home, we stay current regarding

        news and changes in your Potomac Falls neighborhood; what stores and restaurants will entice buyers and how is your Leesburg government affecting the market? On a larger scale, we acknowledge the consequences of decisions made by the federal government on the real estate industry nationally and locally.

                   If you or anyone you know is thinking about moving, or you simply want to hear more about how we go above and beyond with our services, please contact Ask Gina & Company. We love our Loudoun community and appreciate every relationship that we have acquired over the years.