• Open Your Wallet, Open Your Heart!

        We are hungry around Ask Gina & Company…we are hungry all the time! We even have a designated cabinet with snacks and goodies that we can reach for when our stomachs are getting grumpy. And with Thanksgiving just around the corner you can bet we are craving all the fixings: turkey, corn bread stuffing, cranberry sauce, hot apple pie, and more! But this time of year also reminds us about the less fortunate who can only dream about a meal so plentiful that you have to unbutton your jeans. Fortunately, there is a way for us to help! From now until December 18th, Wegmans grocery store, in both Sterling and Leesburg, is accepting donations for their Care about Hunger program. Simply tell the cash register attendant how much you would like to donate and they will add it to your bill. How much you give is up to you: $1, $2, $3, $5…or any amount you would like. Just think about what would happen if every customer donated just one dollar. 100% of your donation will benefit our local food bank: Loudoun Interfaith Relief! So open your wallet, open your heart!

        Ask Gina & Company wishes all of their friends and neighbors a happy, and plentiful, fall season!

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