• How to check if your sump pump is working – before Joaquin hits NOVA

        Here in Northern Virginia we haven’t seen the sun in days and thanks to Hurricane Joaquin (how do you pronounce that anyway?!) it will be a few more before we feel those warm rays.  The DC metro area is expected to receive an additional 2-4″ of rain this weekend, with the saturated ground, NOW is the time to check your sump pump if you haven’t already.

        Just how does one check the sump?

        The easiest way is to override the float and listen to hear it kick on.  Don’t worry, it’s super simple to do.

        1 – locate your sump pump – while not every home has one – if you do it is on the lowest level of the house. Typically in a utility room, near the HVAC or hot water heater.

        2 – find where it is plugged in

        Look for this plug










        3 – remove both plugs from the socket

        4 – separate the two plugs

        5 – plug in the piggybacked one directly into the wall instead of into the other plug

        6 – listen

        If you hear the pump kick on and some water moving, you are golden.

        If you don’t hear anything, don’t panic. There are many reasons it might not be turning on….it could be something as simple as the outlet not working.  Give AGC a call at 703-574-3478 and we will be happy to help troubleshoot and get you connected with the right people to help you weather the storm.

        Here are some other tips for preparing for this weekend:

        – Gutters should be clean and clear of any debris and that the downspout extensions are attached to flow water away from house
        – Clean the debris around the exterior basement doors and drains. If your basement is known to flood, move personal belongings away from the area
        – Add sandbags if your property has them available or if you think your property could use them
        – Make sure all exterior furniture, decorations, etc are brought inside or tied down
        – Landscaping clippings or bulk trash should be brought in or disposed of prior to the storm
        – Bring your pets indoors
        – Keep extra supplies ready for power outages (water, batteries, flashlights etc)

        Please be safe driving and if there are heavy winds stay clear of windows, glass doors, and skylights.

        At Ask Gina & Company, your NOVA real estate team, we are always here to help our friends, neighbors and clients every day – rain, sleet, snow or sunshine. Let us help you find the right contractor, loan, paint color or home today! Call or text 703-574-3478 with your real estate questions or if you need a hand building your ark 😉


        Stay dry!