• New regulations for EMS service

        Beginning July 1, 2008, anyone who is transported by a Fairfax County Fire and Rescue ambulance from a Loudoun County address, as a result of mutual or automatic aid response, will be billed for ambulance transports.

        The rates that will go into effect July 1, 2008 are:

        Basic Life Support (BLS): $400.00
        Advanced Life Support (ALS): $500.00
        Advanced Life Support 2 (ALS2): $675.00
        Mileage: $10.00 per mile

        The predominant areas impacted include the eastern portion of Loudoun County; for example the Potomac, Sugarland Run, Sterling and Dulles Districts. However, there may be times when Fairfax County EMS units respond to other portions of Loudoun County through a mutual aid request.

        Citizens transported by Loudoun ambulances will not be billed. Anyone with questions about this may contact Loudoun County Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management at 703-777-0333.