• Loudoun Summer Music Fest – SEEKS SPONSORS

        The Loudoun Summer Music Fest announced Friday that AOL no longer will be sponsoring the annual charity event.

        The concert series will be in its fifth season next year and is held at the Belmont Country Club. AOL has sponsored the event the previous four years.

        Organizers said the event will go on and are looking for a new sponsor to replace AOL’s donation.
        “We were a bit surprised,” Tracey Parent, president of The Loudoun Foundation, said in a statement. “Six months ago we were told this was in their 2008 budget. I guess the reality is there have been many more changes since then, and AOL has mostly moved out of Loudoun County. We understand how that changes their focus.”

        The Loudoun Foundation, which organizes the event, found out about AOL’s decision Monday.

        The organization said it usually receives funding from AOL by Jan. 10 – and that money is needed to secure the musicians the event brings to Loudoun.

        The Loudoun Summer Music Fest presented 14 concerts this past summer, including a finale show that featured Lynyrd Skynyrd. Attendance in 2007 exceeded 50,000 people.

        As a result we are urgently pursuing another company or companies to pick up this partnership!