• Loudoun County's Government recognized as one of the most technigically advanced counties nationwide

        July 10, 2008

        Loudoun Tops National List of Digital County Governments
        Loudoun County has been recognized as one of the most technologically advanced county governments in the United States, receiving the number one ranking in its population category in a national survey conducted by the Center for Digital Government and National Association of Counties.

        The 2008 Digital Counties Survey found that Loudoun uses information technology in increasingly innovative ways to deliver service to the county’s residents. Thousands of U.S. counties were invited to participate in the survey. Officials responded to questions that included more than 100 measurements and data points about online service delivery, infrastructure, architecture and governance models. Loudoun County provides many services through its website, http://www.blogger.com/. Some of the newer services include online bidding for items from the Loudoun County Surplus Store and an online job application system, which allows job applicants to create and save a user profile that can be easily updated and reused to apply for jobs as they are posted on the website.

        Other popular offerings on the website are the database of land parcels, Board of Supervisors meeting packets, maps, photos of animals available for adoption at the Animal Shelter, the online library catalog and online tax payments. The website also offers RSS feeds of headlines and news releases as well as webcasts of Board of Supervisors meetings and other programming that appears on Government Channel 23.

        Another web-based service is the Alert Loudoun system, which allows residents to receive e-mails or text messages over their cellular phones or pagers. Subscribers can receive alerts in various categories, such as road closures, safety information, news releases, sports cancellations, emergency situations, and tax deadline information.

        Currently, about 3 million users visit the Loudoun County website annually, viewing more than 27 million pages.

        More information about the survey and the Center for Digital Government is available online at http://www.centerdigitalgov.com/.

        Contact: Nancy McCormick, 703-737-8856

        *article taken from http://www.loudoun.gov/Default.aspx?tabid=1491