• Loudoun County, Virginia – like a country, only bigger.

        Recently, Jen Warner (lead agent on AGC & is known to carry a cape) and I traveled to Iceland for a long weekend. It was an eye opening experience, as most journeys are, and we returned home to Sterling better people, better agents and better friends.  As we are both in real estate, we naturally gravitated towards learning more about local housing practices (and the lobby computer – so thankful for electronic forms!).


        We found out some interesting housing market facts about our neighbors to the north…

        – there are more people in Loudoun County Virginia than in the entire country of Iceland

        – as Iceland is mainly a pile of cooled lava with lots of activity – earthquakes, hot springs, eruptions – it makes sense that most homes use geothermal heat

        – in addition to heating the air from ma nature, most of the hot water comes directly from the earth as well

        – it is a newish country, many of the buildings are only from the last 30 years or so

        – metal is a very common roof and siding material

        – Icelanders love their summer houses by the beach – well tucked into the side of the mountains kinda near the coastMa


        Together we explored much of the island in the few short days we were there and encourage y’all to do the same.  Here are some pictures of our adventures to tempt you to experience for yourself:

        2014-11-14 16.27.39 2014-11-13 12.43.16 2014-11-13 13.06.00-2 2014-11-14 12.36.37 2014-11-14 13.36.59 2014-11-15 09.46.51 2014-11-15 16.34.50

        We take the time to share these tidbits because we know that while we love living and working in Northern Virginia – we do not live in a vacuum, every experience we have and share allow us to grow and understand others. It’s a global economy and every day we all get just a little more connected. Yet we all have different challenges and filters that we bring to any situation. The more we explore the world, the more questions we ask and the more open we keep our minds, the more we make the universe a better, more magical, place. So go on, stamp that passport – experience is truly the best teacher.

        If you are considering a trip (or planning to relocate) to Iceland we’re here to help. At AGC we pride ourselves on providing top notch service for all of our clients, no matter where you reside. Call us today 703-574-3478 to learn more about what Loudoun’s Best Real Estate team can do for you.