• Loudoun County is Ranked #1 in the Nation!

        Looking for a place to settle down, raise your kids, work, eat and play?  Then Loudoun County just may be the place for you!

        Movoto’s Real Estate Blog has ranked Loudoun County #1 out of the top 10 counties in the nation, as it ranked highest in the following categories: median rent, median home price, percent of families living below the poverty line, median household income, unemployment rate, and high school graduation.

        Median rent: Out of all the counties in question, Loudoun County had the highest median rent, meaning that people can and will pay the money to live in the area!

        Median home price: Moderately high!  Higher numbers in this category indicate the increased desirability of the area!

        % of families living below the poverty line: It is noted that only 2.51% of families are below the poverty line, therefore most of the people living in the area are financially stable.

        Median household income: Number one out of all the counties ranked.  (Hence why the people can afford those fancier homes!)

        Unemployment rate: Fourth lowest out of all of the counties ranked, Loudoun County came in with an unemployment rate of 4.85%.  Great place to live if you want/need a job!

        High School Graduation rate: As a member of Loudoun County, I can attest to the fact that the schools here are fabulous.  Not only are they off-the-charts for your children, high schools in the area have a combined graduation rate of 93%.  (Move here if you’d like your grumpy teen to graduate and get out of your basement!)

        Combined with the fact that Loudoun County is crawling with excellent parks, recreational organizations and all of your day-to-day amenities, it is very easy to find happiness in the area.

        In fact, the spotlight was put on Loudoun County on NBC Channel 4! 

        Celebrating Loudoun: A Great Place for Business

        Explore Loudoun County!


        So go on! Don’t hesitate to explore this wonderful area– there is plenty to do, plenty to see, and plenty to eat and drink! (Virginia is known for its wineries, and some of the best are right here in Loudoun County!)

        You too can be in the spotlight– simply contact Ask Gina & Company to unlock your life in Loudoun County today! (703)-574-3478