• Loudoun County Launches Environmental Preservation Awards Program

        July 15, 2008

        The Loudoun County Department of Building and Development has launched an awards program to identify and recognize development projects in Loudoun County for their efforts to preserve the county’s natural resources through erosion and sediment control.

        The program encourages nominations from individuals, industry representatives and county staff to identify those projects that have demonstrated sensitivity to environmental protection issues and continued attention to these issues throughout the duration of construction.

        The award categories are:

        • Single-Family Residential
        • Single-Family Residential Community
        • Multi-Family Residential Community
        • Commercial/Recreational/Public Projects
        • Linear or Atypical Projects
        • Tree Preservation

        The awards are intended to recognize those developers, builders and contractors in Loudoun County who provide erosion and sediment controls above the minimum standards to protect their construction sites from sediment runoff and to mitigate any negative effect on the environment. Many projects make environmental protection a priority during site development, overcoming sensitive environmental site conditions with innovative design and effective construction techniques.

        More information, including a link to the online nomination form, can be found on the county government website at www.loudoun.gov/bd-environmental-awards or by calling the Department of Building & Development, 703-777-0397.

        Article taken from http://www.loudoun.gov/Default.aspx?tabid=2286