• Loudoun Business Gets Personal in Manhattan #BGPNYC

        AGC takes learning on the road.

        Last week I had the privilege attending a conference in Manhattan with another Loudoun biz owner.  There were so many ah-ha’s throughout the trip that many Realtors and other small business owners have asked me to share them – so here goes!  In trying to write out my notes – I found it difficult to retell their talks – Seth Godin, Dave  Ramsey and Gary Vaynerchuk all did such a spectacular job my notes were furiously scribbled  with passion all over my book.  Instead of retelling the event….I present you with the sound bites and interpretations I wrote down during their talks.  As of now they have all melded into the soup that is my brain and I no longer know if they originated from me, Seth, Gary or Dave…they are listed below and will be posted on AGC’s FB page randomly, mainly for my review 😉

        Buckle up kids:

        – become a media company – share information and ideas, not products

        – provide a frugal wow – this is something thoughtful and considerate, that wows in emotion not necessarily dollar value

        – market in the year you live in – old school won’t work anymore, it is just that

        – look at your dumbest mistake and see what the biggest gain was from it

        – reach as high as you can reach, and then reach higher – don’t hold back

        – scale the unscaleable

        – it is the depth, not the width

        – diversification is overrated, don’t lose focus – people like me, do things like this – the bell curve has flattened – people are connected

        – cash in on your passion, stay in your swim lane

        – it’s the climb, the process. The journey is the point.

        – remember, the person who invented the ship, also invented the shipwreck

        – if failure is not an option, than neither is success

        – authenticity and vulnerability are the names of the game

        – what are you going to do to move the needle

        – connect, culture, challenge

        – are you ready or are you prepared?

        – leaping with danger is the only leap worth taking. Salto Mortale.

        – be an idea factory, build for weird people. Average products are for average people.

        – be an artist not a painter. create.

        – art is connection with vulnerability. real.

        – the world is cluttered, people are overwhelmed with too many choices. make it easy for them. give them what they want.

        – treat different people differently

        – love, serve and lift

        – make people’s eyes shine

        – do work that matters

        – be insanely generous, read, learn and grow – always

        – what is your legacy – what are you going to do with your dash?

        – execute and taste your work

        – everything that you do matters

        – it’s not the critic that counts.


        Maybe one or two of these hit you in the right spot and moves the needle just a bit.  I know I have been mulling them over for a few days now and internalizing them into my biz. It’s too big to swallow whole, so bite by bite I’m incorporating and defining. If you want to share your journey or have any questions or ah-ha’s please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I’d love to discuss. @ginatufano

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