• Looking to buy? Feeling uneasy because of current Market conditions? Don't! Here is why…

        Yes, the economy is struggling, yes we are currently experiencing one of the longest recessions in American history; but like Buffini, (one of the real estate gurus in the US) says, “a recession is a horrible thing… to waste!” Turn off the news & listen to the experts in the investment industry, the real estate market professionals, and the top economists in the nation.
        Interests rates are lower than they have been in the last 30 years and home prices have dropped in the past 2 years to some of the most affordable prices in ages! It is expected that home prices will begin to increase in the next 5 years, so why wait and waste this unbelievable opportunity to buy?? Make the best investment to your future, buy a home today!

        Gina M. Tufano attends an ample amount of real estate related seminars monthly and is up to date on the latest real estate & market conditions, and is more than happy to help you find the home of your dreams today!

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