• Local moving company, JK Movers, donates time & trucks for Habitat for Humanity

        I wanted to share a recent experience that I have had with Matt and JK.

        As many of you know, I am involved with Loudoun’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity; well, their corporate offices are moving this week….knowing the expert service that JK delivers – I quickly looked to Matt to see if this was a job JK could help with. In no time at all – I was contacted by Jim Stevens (from their commercial move division) who let me know that not only could JK help – they were going to donate all of their time and materials to make this move happen (2 trucks and 9 people for 6 hours!).

        We are delighted to have their support in this move which further solidifies my high regard for JK – a local company, which provides superior service while caring about their community.

        If you have used them in the past, you know what I am talking about – if you haven’t called on Matt before – what are you waiting for? Your clients will thank you.

        Matt can be reached at:

        Matt Plumer

        Certified Moving Consultant

        JK Moving and Storage

        (703) 260-3048 (office)

        (703) 926-3874 (cell)


        Another nugget I learned about JK during this process – they have a new website devoted to recycling furniture/items in the DC area: http://www.reusedc.org/ “don’t throw it away, give it away” – an additional way that they are giving back and reaching out.