• Learn How to Secure Your Home

        As part of National Crime Prevention Month the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is asking county residents to help the agency fight crime by making their home or business as safe and secure as is possible.

        As a community service the Loudoun Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Unit offers security checks to county residents and businesses. During the checks a Sheriff’s Deputy trained in crime prevention will come to your home or business and check the interior and exterior and make suggestions on ways to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime.

        The deputies often suggest a layered approach to securing your home or business. This layered approach involves such things as mailbox markings, lawn and landscape maintenance, choice of trees and bushes, and lighting.

        In addition, a homeowner needs to ensure they have good locks and other security hardware on their windows and doors. Taking these measures combined with lighting and landscaping may make a home or business a less desirable target of criminal activity.

        If you are a Loudoun resident or a county business owner and you would like to schedule a free security check please contact Deputy Specialist Nathan Payne at 703-777-0477 or Deputy Specialist James Spurlock at 703-771-5749 of the Loudoun Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Unit. If you have question you can also contact them by email at nathaniel.payne@loudoun.gov or james.spurlock@loudoun.gov.

        Article taken from loudoun.gov