• Keep your home secure from intruders..!

        As we all settle down after the holidays and get back in our usual routine, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind residents to remain alert when they are running around. In the past month there have been many instances of personal theft from vehicles, garages, and homes when doors were left unlocked and garage doors left open for extended periods of time. In some instances, residents were in the home when intruders walked right in and stole items within a short distance of the door.

        Protect yourself against intruders by always closing garage doors upon exit/entry and locking the garage door. The Sheriff’s office highly recommends that residents place a deadbolt on their interior garage door to keep unwanted intruders out. A neighbor of mine installed a deadbolt lock that has a combo above it to allow the kids to easily come and go as they please without worrying about a key or getting locked out. The below keyless look I found at Home Depot but other similar keyless deadbolt locks are available at your local hardware store for about $75-$100.

        Upcoming Loudoun County events in January

        January 21st

        • Business Watch Meeting: 6pm @ Dulles South Public Safety Center
        • Gang awareness: 7pm @ Dominion HS

        January 25th

        • Community Meeting: 7pm @ Dulles South Public Safety Center