• It's that time of year again that everybody loves.. taxes

        Okay, so there was a bit of sarcasm in that title if you didn’t catch it. But even though tax season is not a desired time of year by many, it’s a notable time of year that all US residents are fully aware of. Feelings aside, the fact is that there are many Loudoun County residents that need assistance in filing a tax return. In turn, Loudoun County is seeking volunteers for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program to help assist low income families file a tax return for 2009. Free tax certification training is provided by the IRS to all volunteers helping out in the process.

        Karen Velez, the Volunteer Income Tax Coordinator for the Department of Family Services and the Loudoun Community Action Program stated, “This year we need volunteers to help people find out about the Earned Income Tax Credit and other tax credit changes available for the 2009 tax year. These tax credits may be available to eligible individuals and families to help them afford basic necessities such as rent or food for their families and children.”

        For more information on how to volunteer, contact Karen Velez at (703) 771-5718 or karen.velez@loudoun.gov for evening opportunities or Debra Bressler at (703) 777-0505 or debra.bressler@loudoun.gov for weekday opportunities. More information about the tax program is available at http://www.nvacash.org/.

        *Information from this article was quoted from http://www.loudoun.gov/Default.aspx?tabid=2949