• How You Can Share a Piece of the Pie; One of D.C. Metro Area’s Newest Non-Profits

        How You Can Share a Piece of the Pie
        One of D.C. Metro Area’s Newest Non-Profits
                        Ask Gina & Company, with Keller Williams Loudoun Gateway, is a proud supporter and friend of Loudoun County’s Piece of the Pie. Although the non-profit has its roots in Loudoun County, it serves less fortunate areas such as secluded schools in West Virginia. Lorraine Gryniewich of Purcellville, Virginia, formulated the nonprofit over Thanksgiving dinner when her sister, who is a social worker, informed her of her frustrations regarding policy changes that would leave several families without food over the holidays. Lorraine shares that, “While there are many services and organizations available in my community, I found even a short drive away, there were other communities that had next to nothing in resources and are in desperate need. While we debate the latest technology and best practices in the classroom, children are without proper shoes, food and clothing.” Lorraine focuses on one project at a time in an effort to evaluate and alleviate a group’s specific needs and help them connect to the community. It is Piece of the Pie’s goal to give less fortunate communities hope to live beyond their circumstances.
        Piece of the Pie Receiving Donation from Top Kick
        Ask Gina & Company never stops being grateful for the comforts we experience on a daily basis by living in Loudoun County and we want to extend our surplus to our neighbors. Gina Tufano, CEO of Ask Gina & Company, recently joined Lorraine on the board of Piece of the Pie in an effort to share her knowledge, resources, and personal and professional network. Gina is ready to dive into the grass roots effort, excited to represent her Loudoun County community.
        Just like when you are sitting around the dinner table, completely stuffed, share that extra piece of pie with your neighbor rather than overindulging. Living in Sterling and other Northern Virginia communities, we are blessed with abundance. If you would like to donate items that you no longer use (that are in good condition) or purchase a few nonperishable food items, Lorraine is always willing to coordinate pick up opportunities. You can find Piece of the Pie’scurrent projects and needs here and you can also “like” Piece of the Pie on Facebook. Find out how you can become a resident of our neighborly piece of Northern Virginia by calling Ask Gina & Company at (703)574-3478 today.