• How to properly secure your home before going on vacation

        The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind residents of these important safety tips while going on vacation this summer.

        • Check all windows & doors and make sure they are locked and secure.
        • Make sure all vehicles left behind are secure with no electronics, money, or garage door openers are in sight.
        • Take care of the lawn and yard before you leave (mowed grass is a strong indicator of whether or not a home is occupied).
        • Have a neighbor you can trust look over your property while you are away. Ask them to pick up any mail, newspapers, and flyers.
        • Give the appearance that your home is occupied by having some interior lights on timers or sensors. It is also a good idea to leaving one or two lights on outdoors at night while you are away.
        • If you have an automatic garage door, it is highly advised that you turn this feature off while you are away and manually lock your garage door.
        • You can call the non-emergency number for the Sheriff’s Office and ask for a patrol unit to check on your house while you are gone.


        • Emergency 911
        • Non-Emergency (703) 777-1021 or (703) 777-0445
        • Poison Control (800) 222-1222
        • Animal Control (703) 777-0406
        • Narcotic Tip Line (703) 779-0552
        • Crime Solvers (703) 777-1919