• How Low Can You Go?

        How Low Can You Go?

        The Washington Post recently had an interesting article on the practice of making a low-ball offer. To sum up the piece, low ball offers are no longer the norm, but the exception. A few years back, it was almost expected that a buyer would offer far less than the asking price and many times they would get lucky with a steal on a home. But, the market of the past is not the market of today here in Northern Virginia.

        Northern Virginia is back and with a vengeance. It is very common for a well priced, well conditioned home to receive not only asking price within days of hitting the market, but multiple offer situations are also on the rise. Here at Ask Gina & Company we have been noticing this trend for some time and have been wisely advising our buyers to make fair offers based on comparative sales rather than the throw it at them and see if it sticks approach. Basing offers on objective statistics rather than emotional gut reactions is always the best policy when you have found your dream home and don’t want to lose out.

        If you have been stalking a certain home and want to know the true value of the property, give us a call and Ask Gina! We are happy to help you navigate the ever evolving Loudoun County Real Estate market and can’t wait to unlock the possibilities for you!

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