• How Do I Find Relief at the Virginia Gas Pumps?

        How Do I Find Relief at the Virginia Gas Pumps?
        We all have been looking for this answer as of late. With gas prices $1 more than where they were last summer, it has many of us screaming “UNCLE!” when it comes to filling up our gas tanks! And, with summer travel just ahead of us, it is looking like there is no relief in sight. Or, maybe not!

        Recently Holly Thomas wrote a column in the Washington Post with some fantastic tips to save you that hard earned cash the next time you are at the pump. Below are a few of her tips:

        Buy in Virginia. If you can, plan on filling up in Virginia, which has less taxes and lower surcharges than MD. and D.C.

        Check out Wholesale Clubs. Stores like Costco, B.J.’s, and Sam’s Club seem to have some great prices on gas. Holly reminds us that there is the membership fee to belong to the club, so you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons.

        Cash is King. As noted, some stations add on a surcharge if you are paying with a credit card so considering hitting that ATM before you fill up.

        Do some Research. Check out websites such as GasBuddy or MapQuest Gas Prices and find where the best prices are located.

        These are all great ideas for those who are serious about saving at the gas pump! For more tips and advice, check out Holly’s column by clicking here, Dear Hunter Column

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